Best Way to Get into The Corporate Event Planning & Logistics World:

The Event planner careers are very diverse in the corporate industry.
Most of the event and marketing Management job positions are oriented to appreciation events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and seminars while other job positions are existing within training, communications, corporate foundation.

01. Meeting Management

Candidates who want to make the corporate event as their full-time job, the professional meeting planner is the road ahead for them.

The people in this sector will handle external services and multiple events suppliers from hotel booking, catering services handling, event transport, and logistics, audiovisual production rental as well as event decoration equipment production hire, venue booking for conferences, gala dinner, print work.

These jobs drive many decisions and their job titles will include :

  • Professional Meeting Planner
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Event Project Manager
  • Meeting planner
  • Conference assistant
  • Professional corporate meeting planner
  • Event Coordinator

02. Office Support:

Office workers will have different responsibilities such as executing and planning departmental client conferences, seminars, coordinate travel organizations and many more duties depending on every meeting requirement and special needs. They will also have to work with all suppliers related to the hospitality services; follow up on the event or meeting budget.

Most of the event planners begin their careers in the stated above areas while using their vigorous know-how skills before making a transfer to become an event planner. A few office organizational roles are more likely to offer opportunities later on to become an event planner; so it’s really important to have a clear idea about your job description before accepting any position.

Various job positions that offer the kind of work:

  • Office assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Office coordinator
  • Administrative assistant

05. Corporate Training

In many companies the HR division is in charge of planning many continuous training programs, educational meetings.
These events will involve company training for new workers, taskforce development, yearly employee training. Those events involve travel, venues hire, food and beverage, transport coordination and the individuals who plan all of this will hold titles as:

  • Training Assistant/ or Specialist/ or Manager
  • Corporate Trainer

04. Corporate Communications

In many companies, the brand management is taking care of by the communications department.
Their roles are sponsoring, media and community relations, advertising, company communications internally and externally and much more.
Even though the event planning isn’t the main focus, activities that involve events will incorporate media attendance for media events, workforce meetings, sponsorship, exhibition, convention.

Entry-level job titles include:

  • Public relation manager /or  specialist
  • Promotion coordinator / or assistant
  • Communications Specialist
  • Advertising Coordinator

03. Sales and Marketing:

Either a company is marketing focused or sales driven; most of them communicate and coordinate through events such as meetings. For their dealers, the point is on ROI for the worth of events in preference of expense management.

Most companies acknowledge the importance and the worth of face to face business, which handled to a strong center of attention on client appreciation events, congress, seminars, team building, and incentives.
Most likely the below job positions are asked to organize or plan events:

  • Marketing specialist/ or manager
  • Product Specialist
  • Event meeting manager

06. Corporate Foundation

As many of you know many companies have their corporate foundation which is responsible for many events throughout the year; meanwhile, there are many events planner positions available within.

Foundations have their representatives working with a community organization, planning diverse events and celebrations such as gala dinners, small and large scale celebrations, groundbreaking gathering.
Below such positions may include:

  • Foundation Assistant / or manager
  • Program coordinator/ or Manager

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